Who know if orange juice has benefits to haveing pulp or are they the same?

Answer #1

No benefits - it’s just chunkier

Answer #2

Well…then again…because it’s chunkier, it might make you feel full…so, if you’re on a diet…? lol

Answer #3

Lol yeah that makes since and getting fuller

Answer #4

According to wikipedia (i was really curious about this one) the pulp of an orange contains flavonoids which are currently still being studied but are thought to help prevent cancer, cardiovascular diseases and hold antinflamatory and antiallergy properties. Its still an ongoing study though.

Answer #5

Well that’s real cool benefits, thx

Answer #6

As far as I know the pulp has some fibre in it which is always helpful

Answer #7

With packaged and labelled Juices, you can only really come to a reasonable assessment by comparing the nutritional information on the pack.

However it is likely that the juice containing pulp will have a higher carbohydrate value, higher Vitamin C value, and higher Calcium value.

Higher calcium value is of advantage, particularly to older women (or those with lactose intolerance) especially in minimizing osteoporosis.

Differing opinions regarding health benefits of Vitamin C > 100% RDA should perhaps be given credence (the opinion of expert opinion with Linus Pauling’s credentials cannot be ignored).

Higher carbohydrate content may be significant in overall calorie intake either desirable (during high intensity training) or undesirable (in low calorie / low carbohydrate diets )

Some relevant nutritional comparisons:





For what it is worth: I use orange juice with pulp in the “tuna shakes” that I drink while weight training. It gives an better overall balance of nutrients.

– Best wishes - Majikthise

Answer #8

The process of traditional juicing leaves behind most of the fiber. Pulpy orange juice probably does have a little more fiber than pulp-free but most of the fiber in either style is left behind in the juicer.

I make orange juice with a high power blender instead of a juicer so all of the fiber ends up in my juice. I just peel the oranges and throw them in the blender. I have a Vitamix but I hear that BlendTec are good too.

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