Opinions on Fast food?

My title was pretty straight forward. :p

What are your opinions on Fast food in the U.S. and how it effects us?

Answer #1

Fast food are awesome. I love it. I can’t live without it. It’s not just for poor people. I have a shitload of money but sitll love fast food more than fancy resturaunts. It’s FAST. I hate waiting for my food.

Answer #2

I agree with thedude that video was awful! Its good but bad. I mean if your in a hurry its great, but its not so healthy.

Answer #3

I only like subway and Quizznos:b

Answer #4

It fills a niche. If some people go overboard with it, that is their problem. What works for some people is not meant to work for all people.

Answer #5

Have you seen supersize me? Nuff said.

Answer #6

I think its a problem because people eat it too much and it would probably be better if it wasn’t there but damn it tastes good.

Answer #7

Great ‘on the run’ option - just not too often (not healthy).

Answer #8

In general, it has lot’s of calories and little nourishment. There are a few exceptions. The Egg McMuffin is actually a good food choice for example.

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