What are your opinions about lil wayne?

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I like him but he can get annoying after a while

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Lil Wayne???

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a fake. i mean like a huge fake. he can't sing, he doesn't have a voice he uses auto tune every time. i bet he doesn't even write the lyrics.

Does anyone like 'Lil Wayne?
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He irritates the crap out of me!!!

who is a better hip hop artist lil wayne or Ti

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Ahh well.. I love him. :D

Who's better lil wayne or drake
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no offense to anyone who likes him, just my opinion

lil wayne [:

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I think he music is horrible. He degrades everyone, and talks about money and sex...and he doesn't do anything to hepl the communty. he is a waste of time to me

lil wayne
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He may talk about sex and money, but aren't those the two things that almost everybody is into? Also, he may talk about that, but he has a great sense of poetry and rhyme. Some may think his voice is annoying, but it's not about that. Not all, but most of his music is stylish, and humorous, also relates to life.. But we're all intitled to our own opinion which is why I asked the question. I personally love Lil Wayne, and think he is the most important person ever played on the radio, but that's just my opinion.

Brittany Spears, Paris Hilton, or Lil Wayne?

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Well I do agree with you about the poetry and stuff.
And I think he has some great beats too.

When did lil wayne cutt off his hair ?
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Yeahh, hes smarter than people think, just by listening to his vocabulary. Lol, yeah the beats are pretty good.

Lil Wayne; Chris Brown; & J. Holiday died ?
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i am not a fan of his music but i think hes hot:)

Lil Wayne
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Hahaa, he's definitely sexyy. A walking hunk of man candy that I would love to take a bite out of. <3 haaa

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u take a bit i'll just eat the rest lol

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im sorry you 2 feel like that haha kidding. i hate the guy tho, i think he looks weird and he is just someone you just want to hit for some odd reason haha :0

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@breakingfan2006?? hit:(

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Hahaa, well you can hit him after we take him home and take advantage of him for a nightt .

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What's sad is the fact that there are so many other musicians like him out there :(

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haha ok sounds like a deal.

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he's kuteee, lovee how he singss, hes juss soo kutee, but hes short. (.

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No comment...

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hes 'ight mot the greatest but not the wrost

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hes 'ight mot the greatest but not the wrost

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Haha call me wack but i like lil wayne too =] For main stream rap he is better than most

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for example listen to the song tie me down that has nothing to do with money or sex you shud get yur facts straight nd listen to all his music
btw hez hot! :)

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Hahaa, yessirr. He's sexyy. <3

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