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I'm sooo sorrryyyy it's long but I don't want to ask someone else and make this whole drama BS bigger

Last night I dreamed that my exbestfriend(guy) that is now married and awaiting a child was being unfaithful to his wife with ME. She hates my guts, she goes around telling people that as soon as she has her baby that she's going to go look for me to fight me and that she's going to go off on me and Etc. , it was her relative that told me this and I wasn't really shocked I always sensed she never liked me so in my response I told her to tell her that if she would like I would be willing to sit down and talk with her to clear things up with her that she might have cOncerning me and her husband but the moment that begins to act ghetto and start yelling with an attitude or something that I'm going to get up and walk away because I don't like ghettoness and know if she was raised that way to start acting like that, her relatives reply was that she is going to want to talk to me she is going to want to fight, that as soon as she has her baby she wants to go looking for me. So my reply was: "look tell her I don't like drama, she knows where I live so tell her if she's wants to come look for me but I advise her not to, she doesn't know me or my family, you know all my cars are black and their black for a reason, and their luxury cars you know that. Tell her if anything happens to me and go along to tell my dad even about what her intentions are she doesn't want to know what's going to happen. I know where she lives as well and if I were to make one phone call right now it would be like pressing a red button. Tell her she doesn't know anything about me or my family. Tell her I'm not the one to mess with. And don't take this as a threat because I don't threat, I just warn. Tell her I'm not the one she wants to mess with." Now that actually happend a few days ago, but last night I dreamed that I was at his house and she was at the hospital and he was cheating on her with me. There were others friends there and we didn't have sex but we were just grinding on the sofa, like dry humping(with clothes on). I was actually enjoying it, then I don't know what happend that I got up to change and his wife started to have the baby and he got up and left with everyone. I became so disappointed. Now this is the second time I dream this, the first time I dreamed it was before he was married and we were "trying" to have intercourse but couldn't because his thing was limp and about 4ft long, and he kept repeating, "I can't believe I'm doing this, I have a girlfriend" When I woke up I do freaked out about his thing. Now my question is, WHY???!!! And WHAT???!!! Why do I keep having these deams??? And WHAT do they mean???!!!! Again I'm sooo sorrryyyy it's long but I don't want to ask someone else and make this whole drama BS bigger