what is your opinion on the book Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson?

Answer #1

its an ok book, ive read better. its deep but it only goes so far because its meant for teens and prbly tween too.

Answer #2

I read it.. very powerful comming of age book.

Answer #3

(: I

Answer #4

I think you can only understand her, once you are in her postition..

Answer #5

:D Yea thats the book were reading in my AP english class. It’s a great book,tells the story of many teens these days!

Answer #6

I read it in english too. I love it!

Answer #7

I love that book! One of my favs.! I read that book 5 times when the class was only half way done!

Answer #8

It’s a very tough book to get through…but I really liked it. It was dealing with issues of today, and I think more people need to realize that sexual assult is real and it’s out there.

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