why do they call it a funny bone?

why do they call it a funny bone?

Answer #1

Well, I’ll add this: “The way you act when you hit it.” lol Ever notice people laugh at you when you hit it?

Humerus bone.

Answer #2

hmm.. sorry, here’s reason 2. The picture didn’t attach for some reason, and it didn’t allow me to go back and edit it in.

Answer #3

Two reasons.

One, how many times do you not life when you hit the funny bone, no matter how bad it hurts? lol

two, see the attached picture.

Answer #4

I think because of the funny feeling you get in your arm. Also, I think because of the bone called the humerous. But I don’t know where that is located at.

Answer #5

because the real bone is called the humerous you know? humer, as in funny =P

Answer #6

It’s the humerus that’s what got it the name.

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