my BUTT is bleeding

I swear to god, my BUTT is bleeding. FROM THE INSIDE. Don’t make fun. I think it’s just a cut but… What do you think?

Answer #1

im dont mean anyoffence but sometimes you bleed from teh inside from too much anal sex, so see a doctor. I again mean no offance and am not suggesting that but its just in case

Answer #2

A hemorrhoid is different than a vein breaking, although can also bleed. You would normally know if you have hemorrhoids either inside or out. They are swollen, painful, and can bleed. If you have been constipated lately and were straining to make a bowel movement can be a reason for what you are seeing. If it becomes more then just a smear or spot on the toilet tissue or lasts longer than a day you should your Dr.

Answer #3

my ma had that not so long ago… it can be caused from diarhia so if you have recently had very bad runny tummy it could be fronm that, otherwise it could be from constipation or sory to say, a really big pooh that had food that wasnt properly chewed in it that cut your bum while coming out, it could also be worms, a hemroid or something else, if its not a lot of blood it should be fine but if its not gone within a week or so go see a doctor

Answer #4

if it doesnt go away soon you need to go to the doctor… could be something bad

Answer #5

it could be a hernia( I really hoped I spelt that right) nobodies gna make fun that could be something serious… I agree maby you should see a doctor

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