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I have noticed that there is online pharmacies that say you do not need a prescription to get medication from their site. Has anyone ever ordered anything from any kind of site like that? If so, could you tell me about your experience with it? Example, was the medication you ordered the real thing? Did you ever get ripped off from one of these sites? Also, could you tell me which one of these sites is the best in your opinion? If you do have one you like the best could you please let me know the website? Thanks, kim

Answer #1

Ask yourself this: Would you want to buy meds online? Thhink about it… It could be some candy company in the mideast that is making their candy look like meds, and your money goes to supporting terrorist groups. Buy from a real pharmacy, or through the mail w/ your health insurance.

Answer #2

I guess I should of said the reason I was even wondering about this. Sometimes other countries have the same medicine we have and its a lot cheaper. That is why I was wondering. But thank you for the advice, it was good.

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