One tree hill season 6!!!

I just missed the season premiere… Dose anyone know how I can watch it online asap???

Answer #1

Ahh I know! I was sooo glad that he chose Payton!! I really didnt like Lindsey

Oh and Nanny Carrie!! Ahhh freckin scary lol

Answer #3

Yep I missd it also,

but you can catch it again on the CW on Sunday Night!!

Thats what I have to do lol..

Answer #4

sucks you missed it, it was good. I don’t know if its on right away but soon it will be on its a site where you can watch free episodes of shows and movies. also go to it will probably have it sooner. good luck :DDD

Answer #5

check on youtube, the cw website, or my fav

Answer #6

It was Sooo good I took off of work just 2 watch it!! Payton got her MAN!!!

Answer #7

OMG I watched towards the end that is mii all time fave show ever!! I’m soo happy its bakk on :D I got to watch it Sunday night if I’m not busy because I onlii saw the ending part tew night..

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