Why are my labias different sizes?

I have one large labia and one small one. I feel so self concious. Do guys find this unattractive? My large one is long and hangs down like, and then my other other is so nice young and not wrinkly…so small and perfect. like, I want to get surgery and I feel so self concious about it I think some guy will like think im nasty. It’s so werid, I have one large and one small…what do you think? will guys find me unattractive? it’s almost annoying for me when I wear thongs too cause its like out there and the other one isn’t…but what if I get surgery and then having two small ones is werid? one long and and one that is almost non exisistant?

please help!!!

Answer #1

hmmm… I wouldnt suggest physically altering yourself dear, its not worth it. Being comfortable and confident is probably wayyy better than looking “normal”. but what exactly is normal? Having two equally sized, small labias? I dont think so, because studies have shown there are wayy more girls that have unique vulvas than girls who dont. And those who dont have usually already had work done to change themselves. Understanding more about the female genitalia ( the-clitoris.com is a great site)may help you realize that everyone is unique, we all have our own little quriks…but we all very beautiful !!! Be proud of yourself, and the fact that you are the origin of the world!!!( aka a WOMAN)

Answer #2

Dear sundance07, Most women also have different breast sizes…men sometimes their testicles are different sizes. This is who you are and this is why you do not have such close encounters until their is a commitment with your partner. We don’t choose the people we love by how they look??? We get to know people and choose them for how they make us feel. If your partner makes you feel uncomfortable with the way you look then you have chosen the wrong person. We are not perfect…no one is. If you try to be perfect you will miss out on some very good relationships in your life. Relax and be who you are so that your partner isn’t afraid of not being perfect to you. Sue…good luck

Answer #3

Having labia of different sizes is normal but I understand that it might cause discomfort and embarrassment. I don’t think a guy will find it “nasty” but what’s important is that YOU feel comfortable with your own genitals. I don’t recommend plastic surgery but labiaplasty (surgical reduction of the labia minora or inner lips) is minor surgery. It’s a decision you have to make on your own.

Here you can find out more from a very well known female genital surgeon: http://www.altermd.com/female_genital_surgery.htm

xox Sika

Answer #4

it’s very common and no it doesn’t put men off.

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