Omg... What should I do to try and help my bff?

Okay well my bestfriend she is 14 years old I guess 4’11 and weights about 120 pounds… Okay well she told me that she has hydroxcut pills… Anywayz the point is that she told me because I am her boyfriend that she is not going to eat for about a week and she is going to take the pills 1 pill a day!!! I know she will do this because she did it a lot of times the farest she went not eating nothing at all but just only drinking water and chewing gum was for 6 days… That was the longest she went other then that she went 2, 3,4,5 and it keep going… She did it many times but went back to eating then she did it agine it was like a pattern!!! She having done it in a while and that was good!!! I know that she makes herself throw up and she abuse in lavatives< (however you spell it)… But I dont know if she still does it… She always make comments about herself that she is very fat and all that stuff!!! What can I do???… Do you think she may have an eating disorder?? ? who do I need to talk to??? Any advice because I really dont want to lose her!!!=] please help …thanks much!!!

Answer #1

Thats a type of eating disorder. And if her boyfriend is the reason why she is doing it then thats probably bc her tells her shes fat and puts her down, which is so wrong! 120 is a fine weight .. And she is good just the way she is. God doesnt make bones to be bare, everyone needs some meat(: Just talk to her about it, thats all I can really say, I know thats corny advice :/

Answer #2

Your friend sounds like she has a very bad eating disorder. This should be taken very seriously if she is very underweight and is determinded not to eat. You need to tell a parent or gaurdian of hers if they do not know this already. She needs a lot of help and I hope you will be able to help her through it. She needs help and needs it fast before this destroys her body. Tell someone. Hope it turns out okay.

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