My Mom is back at the hospital

omg my mom just had 2 go to the emergancy room 4 a emergancy catscan they think her tumor is backā€¦ none of my frenns will answer the fona and I relly need someone to tlk 2 I cant stop crying what should I do?!!?!!?!?

Answer #1

If you need someone to just listen, just talk to, or pray with you:

24 hrs: 1-800-488-4673

Ask-A-Nurse: 1-800-892-8260

You and your Mom are in my thoughts and prayers.

Answer #2

Theres nothing really you can do except wait and see what happens. I hope the best, hang in there. :)

Answer #3

keep on calling your friends and just pray..

hang in there!

Answer #4

thank you

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