Math fractions

_ what is 0.8 as a FRACTION.

Answer #1

omg its about 2/5.. not to be rude but like thats like 5th gr. math right? get yo calculata and divide it ova 10 and you got yo ansa

Answer #2

2/5… because you can reduce by dividing each by 2… 8/2=4 10/2=5 therefore: 8/10=4/5

Answer #3

oopsies! lol I did it in my head..

Answer #4

8/10, which reduces down to 4/5, not 2/5…

Answer #5

what? im in 9th gr. and we’re still on that kinda stuff!!!

Answer #6

I suck at math sorry X(

Answer #7

8/10 or 4/5

Answer #8

that’s 0.8 repeating!!!

Answer #9

8 over 10 or 2 over 5

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