Does he want to kiss me?

ok so this guy and I always muck around about doing stuff but he always says jks after right but then he goes oh kiss me on friday and I was like only if you kiss me first and he was like ok and then he goes pash and I said kool!! and it is I gess because I really like him but im really scared because well I've never kissed a boy before I know go ahead and laugh lol but serioulsy he has had like plenty of experience and I've had none!! and I know you will all probably say let him take the lead well what if he doesnt and we are in the kissing position and we rn't doin anything how embarrasing!! please HELP

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90% of all sarcasm is actually CONCEALED HONESTY.

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dude..just pop a mint pucker up and go for it. YOU take the lead.

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Im a guy, bt if I would of sayed that I would realy be saying...
so you should take tinatodder4's advice!!!

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