There are two girls in school who want to fight me

There are two girls in school who want to fight me I don’t know what to do fight or what??

Answer #1

the best thing to do is to consult your homeroom teacher or any of your teachers before it happens or go to the principal before the fight happens. It is never good to fight inless it’s for self defense but don’t even get into the fight tell your teacher or the pricipal before the fight and tell them these girls wants to fight you

Answer #2

If the skanks hit you then hit em bakk but just don’t b the one tew throw the first punch because then you’ll get in trouble for it! But mii mom always taught me if sumone hits you then you hit them bakk no matter what because its self defense and you shuddnt let anyone bully you or hit you for no reason you got to stick up fer urself!

Answer #3

yeah and also try and rip her clothes off and bring pee to pour on them.

Answer #4

it seems to me that you have never been in a fight so I would go to the princp.and let them know you know…just walk away…

Answer #5

If you do fight, then when it starts, (make sure you have the first hit if you dont care about being in trouble) you go right up to her and tell her one on one is only fair other wise shes a wuss. Do it so close to her your almost whispering and make eye contact, staring through her eyes. Clench up your fist by your side and as soon as those words have left your mouth give a quick, sharp blow to the stomach if shes not fat. If shes fat just pucnh in the face. Again, seeing as there are a few of them, if you dont care if you get into trouble, bring a knife. Just in case.

Answer #6

are you people f@cken stuped!!! first off knives are not the answer. if she kills the girl with a knive it would be on your consens you dumA$$es. fighting is not a way out. I have been doing it for years and it does not solve the probleme. trust me, go and speak to a teacher or a parent. if that does not work then involve the blue blood(police). dont even think about what these morans said about taking knives to a fight.

peace out

Answer #7

ALRIGHT THIS IS WHAT YOU DO, oviously there gunna try to get their friends to jump you, but , uhm , bring a knife just in case for self defense, but the girl who throws the first punch, deck her right in the nose, and than kick her knees, than she’ll be about to go down AND BAM get her hair and throw her on your knees, and try to rip her hair out, than she’ll be on the floor, and just kepp punching her face, than run :D

Answer #8

ok “imjusthonest” is an idiot… dont bring a knife… and dont start a fight… if a fight happens it happens… if anything bring backup… but dont bring weapons because if you use them they could call the cops and that would be a felony… and jailtime… or I guess it would be Juvie for us kids under 18 but dont start anything… because its not worth it… but dont let them push you around either… if they try to start a fight by liek pushing you or something… then do something… but dont walk up to them and like punch them or somehting… thats not smart… especially if there are 2 or them and 1 of you…

Answer #9

Kick they azz and they will leave you alone or stage a fight like get somebody to let you beat them up and they will find out you kicked they asses and they will be scared to fight you at least one anyway.

Answer #10

yeee scrap just bring your crew not fair 2 on one

Answer #11

depends what its over. You could take the higher road and try and walk away, but if they dont let up defend your self. ^-^ its not a fight if you dont want it.

just ignore them if they want to fight you an corner you, then get your mates to back you up. its not fair if they need two people to take you. dont drop to there level tho.

Answer #12

I think you should fight them..haha…no I dont think so…because that is sooo not a good thing to do

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