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Do you wear your old clothes from years before to school or do you buy all new clothes ?

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I do wear some but uv got to change it up a bit

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well I grow out of mine but if the old ones look good and fit it doesnt matter does it. (I dont wear the same clothes as before I buy new ones) as long as your okay with it than you should wear the clothes. dont care about what others say. because they are probably nobodys at home and are depresed and lonely and your the one havin a basts.

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o and yes I did grow over the years so my other clothes are small but I have always been in the same stlye..button ups and dickies... so there just a little tight which show off my sexi man muscles lol

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I just build my wardrobe up... I have about 30 outfits and I built it up over my middle 7/8/9/10 grade years... so there all pretty pizazy and stylish outfits... and after a mounth no one remembers that specific outfit.. plus I mix up the outfits...

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I wear some of the same shirts now that I did in 6th grade. What the hey, they still fit, and I don't care how they look.

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I don't like old clothes, I like new clothes, to a certain time I will give my wardrobe add new element.Do you like shopping on the Internet? I like it very much, a few days ago just in honeybuy bought a shirt, is very like. Share with you once, you can go to see, will be to your dressing style are of great help, bless you

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