Okay brown discharge... giving you infor this time

yesterday my boyfriend fingered me. And today I have brownish discharge...
Id if I should go to the doctor's or to the clinic.. aka planned parenthood...

anyone help?? might it just bee a scratch or something?!!? help?

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Most likely a scratch or the stress of having some finger in and out could also have made your uterus bleed (like it does when you are on your period) just a bit. I don't think you should need to go to the doctors just yet. Just keep an eye on it. Make sure he trims his nails and isn't rough. If you don't want to do it again you don't have to. It's your body. Make sure you are comfortable with what goes in it!

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Eh I'd say go to the doctors.

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im having the same problem now..
but, how long did this "bleedin" last?

Is brown discharge before and after your period normal?

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