Is it normal to be turned on by war?

Is it normal to be turned on by war. I know war is bad, I mean, horrific things happen in war. But for some reason I love war. not the bad things that happen but the battles. ok, I have this game right, Rome total war, and you can fit several thousand troops into a single battle, and its a slaughter, and I noticed sometimes I get aroused… I know. not normal. when I fantasize about stuff, im alway’s on a battlefield. And I wish that chaos would break out accross the whole world so that everything is just one big battle. I know how bad war is, why can’t I shake these thoughts out

Answer #1

Yeah dude you’re a little weird. I’ve been into battle to where I enjoyed it but was NEVER turned on by it. Are you a celtic descendant? They had ‘fanatics’ that ran into battle butt @ss naked and showed off their genetials so maybe…just maybe…

Answer #2

yea I think it is…I personally enjoy having the thought of using a g36c on the frontlines killing people…or sniping people, either way I would love to go to war and kill so I mean its normall

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Answer #4

No it is not normal!

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