Ok What is this about?!

Ok every night when I’m asleep, my cat withh rub against my forehead, and I just think he’s being cuddly right? well next thing I know, he Bites my forehead!!! This has happened every night for the last week!!! What is going on? He loves me, he doesnt hate me so I dont know lmfao!

Answer #1

Lolz maybe he’s in Playy mode =D!!

Answer #2

lmao My cat does the same thing. Only to the top of my head. He sleeps on my pillow above my head. He’ll cuddle up and then bites me. It’s weird.

I don’t know why he does it though. I personally think he just wants to annoy me. Even though he loves me SOO much. Like, he’s friggin’ attached to me. He like to piss me off.

Answer #3

It’s just another way of showing affection. he still loves you, this happened with my cat he bites my arm whennever he rubs against me. that’s when I learned to wear long sleeves…

Answer #4

I am a tall guy and my cat used to do that to my feet when I was in the middle of a dead sleep. Dont know what its about but at first he would rub against my feet and cuddle then bit REALLY hard. Had to sleep with the door closed after that.

Answer #5

He’s thinking about his kitten time when he was with his momma ^_^ I’ve been through this.

ooh. wait, except it was my neck, so it really hurt. :)

Answer #6

actully it means that they want you to pet them everythime I go to the bathroom my cat fritz is always sitting there and he will bit my leg!! lol but just put him out of the room if he does not stop

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