What to do with your tongue when kissing?

when you make out what do you do with your tongue I've almost made out with a couple peeps but I chickened out because I dont know what to do with my tongue o and dont think im a retard im not realy 18 im 15 ! ! !

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I have made out several times and your tounge shouldn't be moving to fast, if it does the other person might think you are a queer move at the same speed as the other person, and if you dont want to make out, its not like you have to do it. take your relationship slow

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when I kiss a girl first off when you just meet some buddy its better to give a simple lips kiss to keep the other person wanting more, occasionally lick the other persons lips, or SOFTLY nibble on their lip. and after you feel comfortable with the person yes the tongue is useful but don't abuse it and don't stick it down someones throat.

Here is a little tactic I use if you itching for a tongue kiss:
-start off with a small kiss
-tilt your head the other way and part your lips slightly to show you want to keep kissing
-don't dart your tongue in but slowly lick their lips and get them to open their mouth, don't pry it open though, some people don't like to use their tongues
-after you got their mouth open tap their teeth with your tongue and or run you tongue across their teeth/gums until their tongue comes out to play
-then you can play around by playing hide and seek with your tongues or licking lips or just have your tongues moving together.

I can't teach you everything you adapt your own style I hope I've been helpful ;)

(but most important respect yourself and don't let any guy ever push you around)

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To be honest none of theese have helped too much
What you want is a technique
You can either go around the other girls mouth , but slowly , otherwise the kiss will be over within a few minutes. Or you can kiss with a licking motion , licking each others tongues. Theirs many other techniques
But here are two that can help :)

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there really is no correct way of doing because everyone has there own way of doing it

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ohkay; no on has helped you. I read their advice but no.
I'm sure they haven't made out. but I have made ouht with only 12 people more than once each. is that alright? you can call me an expert ;]
well what you do,
tilt your head which ever way they are. but you both go opposite directions basically. then you put your tounge in their mouth. the key is to put your tounge in as much as they do. stick it in far but not too much, just like a penis :D haaa. well yeah basically move your toung in and out. make sure to breath and have good breathe. bad breathe is a turn off like 2 of my partners I made out with, feww, talk about onion frie breath! haha. so yeah take these tips to make out and maybe you cane be my 13th makeout partner ;p

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a kiss comes straight from the heart so if your mate doesn't like it it means she doesn't love you if she does love you no matter what bad kisses you give she will like it it's that simple

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just realax... first of alll make sure they want to kiss you, let them start the kiss, and just follow along, untill you are really good, they might have THERE own style, kissing is like dancing, ust follow along to what they do and you will do fine... Have Fun :)

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