How much would you hate him?

ok girls my friend has a girlfriend whos really nice and things but latley hes been tellin me he wants to dump her for some new chick he met at his new school! then I get a phone call saying hes going to do it valentines day! I WAS ABSOLOUTLEY GODSMACKED! VALENTINES DAY! of all days I know breakups are hard but when he said valentines day I almost died! what do you think? because I honestley think hes an absoulute cold hearted moron!

Answer #1

That is just plain mean… I think that is really bad cause nobody wants to get dumped on valentines day… That is the worse thing ever to do…

Answer #2

If he already knows he wants to break up with her, but yet is waiting 3 weeks to do it because he wants to do it on the most romantic day of the year, he’s a cold hearted jerk. I can’t believe people would want to do that.

Answer #3

…that’s one way to get castrated.

ahem If he’s going to break up with her, he should do it in the least painful way as possible. I don’t think any girl would ever date him again after they see her bawling her eyes out on Valentines Day.

xox Sika

Answer #4

I agree with Sika, you need to tell him if he is going to break up with her at least do it before valentines day! and how does he even know the girl that he likes even likes him…so tell him he better make his choice wisely!

Answer #5

Thats very sad…I feel sorry for the girl :(

Answer #6

I agree with you he is a cold hearted moron and valintines day is the worst day to break up with any body

Answer #7

ha. same stuff just happened to me. I slapped him across the face. and as should she. thats messed up. tell her whats up.

Answer #8

I told him what he should do not break her heart worse than he will! didnt pay attention to me at all! argh I give up il just tell her!

Answer #9

that’s just prick. I would tell him to do it sooner or you would tell her.

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