oil :(---

what is something I can do to take the oil off my face? im talkin like a face wash or mask or sumthn

Answer #1

Neutrogena Wave is pretty good.

Answer #2

there lots of clencers that remove oil (look for one that says so on the bottle ) but they can dry up your skin so after washing rub body cream on your face ^^

Answer #3

if you go to walmart, in the make up section there should be these clean and clear oil wipes.. they’re really little and blue and they work reall well!!

Answer #4

get an oil control film strip.. it’s like a grease sheet that removes excess oil on your face… :]

Answer #5

this may sound silly but .. I use lemon juice and honey .. mix them together and put on your face for 15 min.. wash of andd it realy works =D xx

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