Wife some times smell like fish what can she do to fix that

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Basically you need to tell her to go doctor she should have a blood sample as it may be a yeast infection,they should prescribe her pills,in the meantime maybe year some scented panty liners,or if your wife is very very hygenic it may be where she washes down there to regular that the glands are becoming wider

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ummm well she can take a shower ... use summers eve feminine wash and cloths and feminine odor powder and spray ... its really good ...

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same as others and go to doctor thats also considered a sign of yeast

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Some men are hypersensitive to women's scents. They expect every part of women's body not have any discernible aroma at all. Part of this comes from the idea that genitalia are dirty so any odor that comes from them is therefore bad.

You should reflect on your own attitudes about women and sex to see if the problem is you not her. There is a normal scent down there y'know.

If your wife really does have excessive odor even with appropriate hygiene than she should see her doctor since this could be a sign of infection or dissease. What we eat does influence how we smell. Pineapple juice has a reputation for improving the smell and taste of body fluids but I have no idea if it really works or if it is just folklore.

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wash down there more often

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