Is anyone here a therapist?

I have to ask somebody a question. des there happen to be any therapist or anyone who works(ed) in the mental health field?

Answer #1

I don’t know if anyone on Fun Advice is a therapist or in the mental health field, but even if there was they probably wouldn’t be able to give you “professional advice” via the site.

If you have a question, it is most likely that others have had the same situation and can give you their advice on the subject if you post a question.

An alternative is to Fun Mail one of the Advisors who’s opinions you seem to like and ask them your question.

If you do have a problem or question that is bothering you, communication with someone will probably help YOU to come to better terms with the situation.

Answer #2

no but you can ask me anything

Answer #3

Well im training to become an advocate

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