Is it odd these days to see black guys dating white girls?

..I mean how did this whole thing start? Where black guys going towards white girls or white girls just started to be attracted to black guys?

Answer #1

I don’t find it odd to see a black guy dating a white girl, or a black girl dating a white guy. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. We are all the same, just different colors. I’m pregant, with a mixed baby. I don’t care what skin color anyone is, as long as they are a loyal person, and they have a good heart.

Answer #2

I dont know how it started, but I dont see a problem with it.

Answer #3

Did you really just ask how this whole thing started? It seems that your the one with a problem with inter-racial relationships. Race is nothing more than a skin color and people of different races have been dating since the beginning of time. The difference between then and now was that it was looked down upon and couples were hazed and some even killed for simply loving someone outside their race. Now that racism is finally dying down, couples can love freely and choose their partners as they wish. Were all the same…even “white” people arent all the same color if you want to get technical. There are millions of shades of skin colors.

Answer #4

I guess it started around the time stupid and ignorant people were released on the internet and given permission to spout whatever nonsense that came to their heads. You poor thing, how it must distress you to see it. Next thing you know girls will be dating girls and guys will be dating guys. It really must be stopped. But first we need to round up all the idiots online and stop them from breeding. Or perhaps make sure they only breed with other stupid people. I mean their kids will be too idiotic to survive, survival off the fittest should take care of that little problem. As soon as we accomplish that, then we’ll go ask people why they decided that they should go date outside their race.

Answer #5

It’s not odd. People are people, no matter what color they are. We’re all the same on the inside.

Answer #6

It’s shocking to some people, but it isn’t really a big deal. When you look at it, we are all the same… and besides, it’s almost the same as saying something like those who don’t share the same habits can’t be together. C’mon, people. Seriously! Lets start looking beyond skin color, if you already haven’t.

Answer #7

I have never thought it odd or strange till this moment i never think it is Once i saw black guy taking awhite girl’s hand it was more interesting to watch than white people or black people together i thought THEY WERE TRULY BEAUTIFUL TOGETHER …beside we are all human-being we are all related …we all fall in love and feel magnificent things in life so why this differnt between people??

Answer #8

No. It’s been going on for decades. There is more acceptance of it now then there was 30 years ago. Now it is more the common person doing it. Wait another 30 years and you’ll see the upper crust of society do it. Wait another 30 years we’ll all be almost one race, all with Spanish sir names and muslim. The perdiction for 2050 in the US.

Answer #9



Answer #10

I don’t know how it started but i just wish it would end.It’s not my favorite thing i mean , like i always thought white were suppose to marry white and african american were suppose to marry african american.Things seem good that waaay.I mean I have nothing aganist anybody or anything it is just my opinion.To some people skin color does not matter.But in a relationship i guess it does to me.I mean i have african american best friends(: so that isn’t the problem.

Answer #11

yes extremely, stick to you’r color

Answer #12

its not odd at all. im a white girl an my boyfriend is black. why does color even have to matter at all? i mean as long as your happy.

Answer #13

Your question does not make you sound like a ‘niceguy’ - 44 or otherwise…

Answer #14

um what rock was the asker under. its not the most common thing in the world but seriously did u knot know it happened

Answer #15

That is not true. It does not matter what color u r. My mom married a black guy when I was ten. does that mean my mom is a bad person

Answer #16

yes, to some people

Answer #17

Im a white girl with a black man. It’s all how you feel I’m in love with him I prefer a black man. Nothing wrong with that were all people it’s like tellin us we can’t eat chinesee food. But we do it anyways.

Answer #18

no, it makes no difference what so ever, its all down to personal preference

colour of skin is nothing, we are all human at the end of day, we all have emotions,feelings,attractions

sometimes this is caused by some males not liking white girls not being attracted to them and go to black men instead

like i said .. personal preference

Answer #19

colour of a persons skin is nothing!, all comes down to personal taste :)

Answer #20

nicely put :)

Answer #21

wow fail question right here….


no it wasnt caps lock, it was SHIFT :D

Answer #22

my first boyfriend was black lol

Answer #23

Some older folk who are old fashion may see it as odd, and in some cases unacceptable…but It really depends where you live. I’m from Canada…which is one of the most multicultural countries in the world, so black guys dating white girls or just interracial couples in general are very common. I’m black myself and all about the white girls :)

Answer #24

It’s just a color. What’s so important to that? What if you were stranded on an island. There was an orange raft and a purple ship. Would you honestly choose the orange raft JUST because a purple ship is different?!

And commenting on the first ‘answer’ I honestly do not have a problem with people dating people of the same gender. I would just prefer it if they kept the romantics for private places. I don’t mind the holding hands, but sometimes I just think its kind of gross. But I dont have a PROBLEM with it.

Answer #25

no it isnt, if people have a problem with it they’re racist, it doesnt matter about the colour of the skin, if they love each other or want to see each other they’re more then welcome to

Answer #26

i see nothing wrong with black guys and white girls dating mixed-race couple make our world look prettier, less racist, and more peaceful why is it such a problem that black guys are with white girls?(im black myself btw and like white boys and dnt care what nobody has to fckn say about it) it seems to me that some people just got something against black people and that ignorant and stupid Ty but if it was a mexican or asian person with a white girl it wouldn’t be a problem just sad hun. really sad, people need to get out of slavery days and grow the hell up, WAKE UP the world is not the way it used to be so get over it

Answer #27

love yur answer man:)

Answer #28


Answer #29

and i’m all about white boys:)

Answer #30

oh i see that alot in my school. but the white girls in my school are easy access (not to affende anyone) and thw white guys go for the black girls as well…

Answer #31

Sigh. I have no words. I prefer outright bigots. At least they’re upfront about their bigotry.

Answer #32

Why would you say it’s odd? You can’t help what you feel. Love is unpredictable and comes in variety of colors lol.

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