Why does ocean water make you skin smooth?

Answer #1

the salt in the water????

Answer #2

Thats what i was thinking (the salt), Because the salt helps rubb off dry skin. Kinda like when you take like a pummice or however you spell it stone and rubb it on you.

Answer #3

Ocean water has salt+minerlas+sand garnuels+microscopic creatures. Overall its sterilzes, cleanses, softens, and scrubs your skin. and btw, the sun plays a role too, it makes your skin a bit soft because of vitamin D

Answer #4

The sea ontains every single mineral known to man and some that haven’t been disovered yet.The salt in the water exfoliates.

Answer #5

the salt and also the sand exfoliates

Answer #6

It’s the sand. The sand acts like a pumice stone, or a luffa to exfoliate the skin and take off any dead cells on the exterior, it leaves behind soft, smooth skin.

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