How do you make one object in a picture stand out?

I see pictures on facebook, Myspace, etc. that are grey. And then if they are originally wearing lets say a red shirt, and the red shirt is the only object colored. For example , click the picture i attatched to this question. Can someone tell me the website to do this please?

Answer #1

where is the link? anyway i think i know what your talking about.. download photoshop cs5 for free trial for 30 days, and search for cool picture editing tutorials on youtube

Answer #2

well you can darken the background and keep the thing you want to stand out light i do that on

Answer #3

make the background blurry.

Answer #4

There are many ways to do this. You could make the background darker, or add a blur to it. You could change the background to a greyscale, or reduce the contrast in the background and brighten up the object. I personally choose to use Photoshop CS5, you can do endless photo manipulations with it, and stuff like this is quiet simple on it and you can customize it much better than any other program.

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