Is it good to do mastrubation?

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masterbating is normal, healthy and natural
a lot of people do it
and theres nothing wrong with it
but masterbating has nothing to do with your nutrition

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lol your question heading "nutrition"... agree with the two answers above me, its ok for a guy to use his " five palm sisters", its normal and healthy... depends on what floats your boat, some people do find it a turn on seeing their partner "spank the monkey" in their presence ;)

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If it makes you happy, why worry about it? It's normal and we all do or have done it.

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its normal to explore your own body and pleasure yourself also dont be scared

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it's normal and healthy. Perfectly fine to do whenever.

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its fine, normal and healthy. you can get sore if you do it too much though. it also releases tension.

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Yes,and it's very normal. Gives yourself pleasure when it's just you.

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