How do I get noticed by a talent agent?

I would love to become an actress or a singer. I do a perfect British accent, even though I’m not British. Does anyone know of any talent agents out there who might take interest and talk to my parents? Thanks!

Answer #1

post ur videos on youtube maybe …i hope ur better than beiber :P ;D

Answer #2

Hahahaha thanks! But I don’t have a recording camera D: Anyone else?

Answer #3

ahahh well best of luck anyway :D

Answer #4

Thanks :)

Answer #5

oh ohk ya best of luck

Answer #6

You could listen to the radio, and get your parents/guardian to call in to schedule an audition. That’s what I did, they wanted me back, but they wanted $2,000 front, then they dropped the price to $1,000 but my parents didn’t have that. So I’m going next year. You could try the Youtube thing, but it’s gonna be harder to get noticed with millions of others trying to get discovered soo…yeah.

Answer #7

number one choice. . . YOUTUBE ! i may take a while but post some videos up and practice ALOT !

Answer #8

try……going where u think there are talent agents…..sometym in bars…….

n i think in school coz……i have a friend that offered to be a model…..he is in the school when it happen….

in a popular school in our country….

i not sure dat this will help u

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