Not your average weight issue?

Why does weight matter?
There are people who are judged by it, but what is it really
I never judged people by there weight
but my old friend who was stick thin judged me and told me that was one of the reasons she wasnt my friend any more
a lot of my friends tell me "look how big she is!" and"why do you hang out with her?"
but I try to see the best in everyone

so why is weight such a big issue if your still healthy?

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I don't believe that anyone should be judged by their weight. Anyone who does this is shallow and probably has self-esteem issues of their own. When I was in high school, I was over-weight and I to was judged for it. But don't let it get to you. If you are healthy, that is all the matters =)

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Your not healthy if your fat hunny. If your are up to 20 pound past your healthy weight then your fat and very unhealthy. Some people don't hang out with them because it ruins there reputation. (like omgz) ahah sike.

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