Not having a period at age 17? What could be wrong?

My friend is turning 18 and I just found out she never had her period. I told her to go check with the doctor definitely, but do anyone know what could be the problem? Is this normal? And can she still get pregnant if she have sex?

Answer #1

yes, theres still a chance she can get pregnant because you start ovulating around 20 daus before you get a period at 17 she needs to get a check up just to make sure nothing wrong alos things like a lot of stress starving herself or not eating right and over exerscising can all put her period off from comming

Answer #2

You can’t get pregnant if you don’t have your period. But you should still wear a condom. because of like stds and alla that jazz. but it’s chill some people just dont get it. nothing really big, but she should still have it checked it out.

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