Nose ring wearing husband

My husband wear nose can I remove it

Answer #1

you dont its in HIS body how would you feel if you had a piercing and your partner just wanted to remove it? its his decision and he decides to keep it in or not not you and you dont just grab his face and take it out by force either if its bothering you TELL him that you dont like it but apart from that there isnt anything else you can do about it

Answer #2

Ask him to be manly about it and either wear a captive bead ring instead of a stud, or to stretch the piercing. A stud is pretty fem. I agree, though It is his body, but still. C’mon now, a stud? I see what you’re saying. ; ]

Answer #3

It is his nose, so his decision if he wants to wear it. Let him know you don’t like it, but there’s no reason to believe that you should make these decisions for him. It’s not your choice.

Answer #4

ask him !

Answer #5

It reminds me of a cow. Why do it?

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