how do you get a nose piercing to heal fast?

i just got my nose pierced and they put a stainless steel plate in my nose instead of a diamond stud becouse they said stones harbor infections. i want it to heal fast so i can wear a stud instead of a steel plate as soon as possible.

Answer #1

He should have told you how long you’re supposed to wait. It’s not our problem you dont listen.

Answer #2

You need to wait three months before changin it regardless or your risking an infection or for your body to reject the piercing. Theres no way to heal a piercing faster, you keep it clean, dont touch it with your hands or play with it, and give it time. You cant rush it or your going to end up with an even bigger problem than not having the jewelry you want in it.

Answer #3

You cant get it to heal any faster than it’s going to heal.

Answer #4

well it takes up to 3 - 6 weeks for a piercing to heal. idk about the nose. i mean if u just got it pierced make sure u clean it so it doesnt get infected and leave the ring or whatever in so it doesnt close up

Answer #5

^^It takes alot longer than 3-6 weeks for a piercing to heal dear.

Answer #6

Well i can tell you how to not take any longer to heal than it should. Keep it clean and avoid fiddling with it and keep washing your hands regularjust incase you have an itch or anything.

Answer #7

Well i dont know about the nose all i know is about the ears and when i got mine pierced thats what they said and i took mine off on the 4th week for soccer and my ears felt fine. Idk i always knew there was something wrong with me…. Lol

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