Is my nose ring infected?

I had my nose pierced 4 weeks ago but I now have a lump arond the inside of my nose and a lump next to my piercing on the outside is it infected?

Answer #1

I had the exact same thing just do 1-2 sea salt soaks a day…get sea salt at the market,add some to warm/hot water and drip it on a paper towel,hold the paper towel on your nose for a few minutes…for the inside put the soak on a Qtip and do the same should go away in a few days…my was really bad and it was totally gone in 3 days when I did this!! hope this helped :)

Answer #2

no, I have one myself. it usally happens when you touch it a lot and dont wash your hands. just clean it like 2 times a day thats waht they told me :)

Answer #3

no it just means you keep bumping it and touching it. it will go away.

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