Is there anyway i can make my nose apear thinner and pointier/sharper?

cuz whenever i smile my nose spreads and looks really fat like a pig snout lol

Answer #1

Colors darker than your skin tone make places covered by it look smaller. so just use darker make up on the sides of your nose. (not too much or too dramatically darker!)

Answer #2

thank you!, i was afraid i would get an answer like nope, just except the way u look or something like that,

Answer #3

lmao. well that too. or surgery but i dont recommend it. my friend got nose surgery and she looked like someone gave her two black eyes. plus her face was swollen for almost 7 months or something like that.

Answer #4

aaaaw that must suck, yea i would NEVER get a nose job unless i hurt my nose severly and it was really necessari

Answer #5

sorry girl i don’t think there is any solution… waz surpose to be done wen u were newly born…… u can avoid ur kidz 4rm havin wide nose. when they are very little, try to make it pointed wit ur hand but be careful not break d nose coz it would b tenda den……….mine is pointed

Answer #6

really? ur suppossed to make pointy nose with babies, i never heard of that thats neat

Answer #7

of coz, u can make a baby’s nose pointed, jst use warm to massage d nose (not too hard though)….it should from wen d baby is born be4 d nose becomes hard… but u must be gentle ‘_’

Answer #8

lighter bassed concealer, on both sides of your nose. staring from the eye socket, all the way to the end.

Answer #9

To help give you nose a sculpted finish and to make it smaller looking, it’s as easy as foundation. Use a darker shade on the sides and blend out to the same colour as the rest of your face, then for the bridge, use a lighter toned colour to help distinguish it from your face. This will help create the effect of a nose-bridge that stands out and “steeper” sides to your nose, which will make it look narrower. The alternative is to go for plastic surgery…which I dont think you need whatsoever, you’re beautiful the way you are - and if you think otherwise, reconsider that you were made specially and uniquely - there is no other person out there in the world as special and different as you are. :)

Answer #10

exactly. haha. i felt so bad that she had to go that long at school.

Answer #11

Blend eyeliner which is a slightly darker colour to your skin down the sides :)

Answer #12


Answer #13


Answer #14

That is horrible advice. You don’t know what you are talking about.

Answer #15

no problem girl

Answer #16

Contour the sides with bronzer. It will make your face look slimmer and your nose look smaller.

Answer #17


Answer #18

lol wat ever u say angelee….

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