Is it normal to use toliet paper when youve got your period if you have no pads?

Answer #1

well if thats the only thing left..although it wont hold up long

Answer #2

If you have nothing else I, but it reeeeally doesnt work very well!

Answer #3

please ignore the random “I…”

Answer #4

It will not work properly and will not absorb.

Answer #5

Its not, not normal. Lol. Have you ran out? I hate running out, I think women should get them for free, its not fair!

Answer #6

lol yeaa ive ran out :( and, i live with my dad, and im too embarrased to ask him to get some..

Answer #7

well you need to! its natural he’ll be ok lol

Answer #8

lol okaaay then

Answer #9

‘he’ll be ok’ whos he? lol How old are you ‘amym7234’? I’ve had me periods since I was 9, how do you think I felt when my mum was out! lol

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