Is it normal if I dont 'poop' for 3 days straight?

(Yes, i am also sick). (What should i do?)

Answer #1

Generally you are supposed to have atleast one bowel movement a day, if you dont then its a sign of a bad diet and dehydration. Drink plenty of water, you can try cranberries or cranberry juice, fiber rich cereals and fiber bars, yogurt, etc.

Answer #2

That can become a very serious problem, not to be taken lightly. It can be easily taken care of, but you need to tell your doctor. Without knowing anything about how long you’ve had the problem there is nothing anyone can tell you here that you should pay attention to. Contact your doc (or tell your parents or care-givers). You may not like telling anyone, but everyone poops, and everyone has trouble now and then.

Answer #3

uh no, eat fruits and veggies and wtaer

Answer #4

before going to sleep drink a glass of hot milk with extra sugar…..will work

Answer #5

Thank you so much. You helped me out alot. Thank you thank you thank you thank you so much. I appreciate it. Thanks!! (:

Answer #6

Umm no taking a laxative will help though….you can buy those at your local drugstore.

Answer #7

eat some prunes.

Answer #8

It’s not something that should happen all the time, but it can happen. If it lasts for a week then you know something is wrong. Most people need to go like once a day to the bathroom, or every other day is fine too depending on the person.

Answer #9

Did you know that your supposed to “poop” 3 times daily? If you dont (most people dont including me) That means your not eating the right stuff.

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