Is it normal to cry for no reason?

Answer #1

Yep I do it all the time, its just hormones, very normal

Answer #2

no, its called depression, you should cry for a reason, for men there are only 3 reasons : Birth of your first son, death of your dog, watching Old Yellar

Answer #3

It’s fine for women.. Hormones as up2nogood said.. But still it’s better not to cry at all and be happy:)

Answer #4

i think that you should cry if you need to but if u just want to let something out thats ok too :)

Answer #5

For the most part, it is pretty normal. Your crying might be a result from a lot of built up stress. That happens to me, sometimes. It’s like I’ll just randomly start crying, and then once I start - I can’t stop. I wouldn’t worry about it too much, as long as this isn’t an every day thing. I think if these emotions are being released “on their own”, so to speak, it’s because your mind and body believe you’re ready to deal with them.

Answer #6

is it like crying or just your eyes are watering, you may be allergic to your makeup makeing your eyes water, and if your crying, you may have alot of surpressed stress so it may seem like you cry for no reason. i dont cry with my surpessed stress but i know my muscles get really tence alot like im flexing when im not meaning to. hope this may have helped :D

Answer #7

For girls it’s okey

Answer #8

i guess it you could think of it as your stress being a tea pot. when it gets too hot”stressfull in this case” the energy has to go somewhere. :D

Answer #9

Crying for a reason is good for you . But , why when there is no reason . Though the tears will clean your eyes .

Answer #10

for men there is only one reason lose of the special member. other wise your a wimp but he is right it’s called depression I’m sure if you talk to a doctor they can give you plenty of expensive medical dr-ugs to turn your mind in to a zombie so you no longer react to anytihing

Answer #11


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