Is it normal to think badly of yourself?

Is it normal to think badly of yourself? like being ugly, fat, etc.?

Answer #1

absolutey!- we all do, it’s just a part of human nature! we think badly of ourselves and tend to look highly towards others! but, try looking into the mirror and pointing out the things you do love about yourself and that’ll help! - shouldn’t be hard for ya, because you’re gorgeous! (:

Answer #2

People are very conscientious. We care what others think about us, but this can sometimes lead to being overly self-critical.

Answer #3

Yes cus I do it all the times but I dont know

Answer #4

Very - happens to everyone at one time or another.

Answer #5

I mean it is normal and your pretty

Answer #6

Yeah. I think everyone does it at some point. I do it a lot! When I see girls who are prettier, more popular..etc..I could go on forever. It takes a long time to accept yourself. Just know that you are the only person who looks like you. That makes you pretty special :) High school can be very hard but you will get through it and find yourself. <3

Answer #7

of course not thts a part of being human

Answer #8

You are not ugly at all, you are very beautiful. Don’t worry, you will grow out of thinking that stuff.

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