Normal to love going to the hospital?

to like love going to the hospital. I LOVE the hospital, I dunno its fun. normal, no?

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I luv hospitals, I always feel so at home at them lolz

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I love any hospital, especially since you can make someones day there.

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I love going to the hospital to volunteer and make the children smile.
I want to be a childrens nurse when I finish school!

but I hate going to the hospital when its for me..I was in hospital for 6 months and it wasnt fun. so I hate going there to meet with my doctors and medical teams.

What do you do if your kids have to go to the hospital?
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spread your wings! get good grades at school and go to college / uni elsewhere...

and your message made me lmao! you live in one of those places with a population of about 2000...I'd love to go to a place like that - how cool! walk into the bar and everyone stares at you lol

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lol, the only hospital I know is the free native government clinic, there so cheap they would charge me to help, plus the main amount of patients, are my drunk cousins complaining of hangovers, and broken teeth. XD Id love performing in hospitals, but I dont think the colleges up here offer anything like that.

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Yes, I guess that's normal. maybe you should be a doctor or something.
Me, I hate hospitals sooo much, I get lightheaded and start to feel sick.

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u should be a doctor or a nurse or atleast in that field.just dont be a hypochondriac cause that takes help away from someone who can really use it

I think one of my friends is going to a mental hospital
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I like it to! I like knowing that nothing is wrong with me though!only thing is I usually go to the cancer hospital with my brother!and its sad seeing a bunch of little kids sick!

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To me its normal...You are so much enjoying going to hospital because you don not have disease like patient in hospital.. though it's not risky, you have to respect the feeling of the family of the patient in the hospital because they are one who have care.

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no im not a hypochondriac, beleive me, I live with one *my dad* and its really annoying, I only go to the doc if its been going on a while, or is really freaking painful, and I actually TAKE my meds. But I have really low immunity to everything, and have really bad allergies, and asthema, an djoint problems, oh yeah and spleen problems. And blah, blah, blah. I would be a doc, but im going into a performing arts field.

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if you had a problem with your spleen, you're immunity would be shot anyway.

why don't you get a job volunteering, I obviously LOVE working in them (since I'm a nurse) but if you volunteer you get to give people who really need it, some company. in my hospital we have something called 'PALS' which is where people volunteer to 'chat' to other patients.

if not, why not go into a field where you can work in hospitals? channel that enthusiasm...!

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yeah. I love seeing the doctors, the way they speak and all that because one day I will become one.

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No way I faint when I get shots I HATE the hostpital

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lol, my town is the second biggest in alaska, I think the pop is 800k

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lol, I also have a LOT of medical problems, so I go at least once a month.

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