What does "nom nom" mean?

is it dirty??? :P thanks!?

Answer #1

lol i think it just means eat or hungry :P

Answer #2

It depends on the context in which its said…it could mean yummy, sexy, etc. It could be used when talking about food or a person who looks yummy in a sexual way.

Answer #3

Depends on context. I use it when I’m eating something tasty.

Answer #4

If it was like “nom nom nom this taco is so good” it means tasty. But if it was like “nom nom nom i just want to eat that pu$$y” its dirty :P

Answer #5

I got it off some funny caterpillar video on youtube. He was eating a leaf going OMNOMNOMNOMNOMNOMNOMNOM. :D

Answer #6

I’m pretty sure it originated off icanhasacheezeburger with lolcats. It’s just like a noise when eating like the noice the cookie monster makes. It can be used in a dirty context- as can everything- but it’s not originally dirty.

Answer #7

I thought it started with the Cookie Monster.

Answer #8

I say it when I think something I am eating is ‘nommy; yummy.

‘A cookie!’

‘Nom nom nom’ :]

Answer #9

On ROBLOX when someone eats something the noise is “Nom Nom Nom”

Answer #10

its suppose to be an eating sound

Answer #11

icanhazacheezeburger and lolcats LOL where do these ppl think of names like that

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