Noisy sandals - how to keep them quiet?

I have a really cute pair of sandals (flat soled pink Kickers) which unfortunately make rude noises when they squelch against the soles of my feet. If I walk carefully I can more or less stop the noise but is there anything I could do to the sandals which would stop them from being slightly embarassing to wear?

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Mine always do that. It could be because you have sweaty feet?
When I wear mine all day, they squeak.

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rickd, with your ''hypothetical question'' and this useless piece of advice, id say you should just steer clear of this website!!!

flossheal, dont stress, its probably just the material on the base of the shoe that may be making that noise with the floor. mine does it to if im walking on a certain floor surface. try using some really rough sandpaper on the base of your shoe (underside) this helps to give your shoes more grip, maybe with more grip there'll be less ''squeaking''!! hee hee!

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I get your problem, my shoes used to do that, too.

If you're skilled enough, try lining the shoe with fabric.

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Why dont you put some gel insoles or something inside? they will be more comfortable and wont make rude noises!! I used to have some sanadals that did this and used insoles!

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It doesn't happen with any of my other pairs, however long I wear them, so I'm guessing (hoping) it's the sandals, not me...

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Hm. I don't know, sorry.

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it could be the kind of material that is lining your sandals that make that noise happen

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