How are there different races if Noah and his ark was it?

Did I spell ark right? hmmm I was wondering…what exactly happened with Noah and the whole story…what about all the different races? thats the only thing that really confuses me…someone explain this… just anything and everything you guys know about Noah and his Ark would be gggreat! thanks…

Answer #1

The people, in their arrogance and difilement of God’s commands, tried to build a tower to heaven so they could dwell with God. God’s response was to confuse the languages and color of skin so the people would not be able to comlete the tower and it was then destroyed.

Answer #2


Here is an answer I found online (however, I cannot personally back it up since I don’t have much knowledge nor interest in the Bible).

The Bible tells us how the population that descended from Noah’s family had one language and by living in one place were disobeying God’s command to “fill the earth” (Genesis 9:1, 11:4). God confused their language, causing a break-up of the population into smaller groups which scattered over the earth (Genesis 11:8-9). Modern genetics show how, following such a break-up of a population, variations in skin color, for example, can develop in only a few generations. There is good evidence that the various people groups we have today have not been separated for huge periods of time.1

Answer #3

God told Noah to take him, his 3 sons, and there wifes with Noah on the ark. And they spread out from there after the ark landed.

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Answer #5

but the catholic church doesnt take this story literally. just to let you know.

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