No picture?

So I downloaded like this Tv show, and like there's no video?
I can hear the voices and everything, but there's no picture?
What should I do?

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theres a program called media player classic, its kinda like normal media player but it can play ANY video ad it takes up about 3 megs, if that

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Ok so heres what I do...

I have Realplayer. Download that, (just the free vesion) it's worth the download trust me.
When something like this happens it is 99% of the time missing the correct codec. Realplayer can download the codec and install it for you, and then you can watch AND HEAR the video. Works for probably about 99% of videos in my experience.

Download is here...
Just click the "Download" button at the bottom of the table under the free one.

Hope this helps out

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It's probably a bad download. It's against copyright law to download them anyway.

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use VLC MEDIA PLAYER. if you dont have it DOWNLoaD IT

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