No-Grave Love

I wrote this at school,has to do with my relationship with my girlfriend,took 3 periods to do it - lots of love in it,it’s a poem not song called No-Grave Love

People try and tried to mess our relationship up But we stood up and fought them off They called us both names to try and hurt us Yet we just looked at them and let them fuss Nonsense yelling that people did It still NEVER worked on either of us They all said there wasn’t any love - they were jealous Couldn’t stand seeing us together but we didn’t care We let them put us down as much as they wanted Didn’t hurt us a bit just made us stronger You all don’t care about our happiness just yours As long as we’re happy with each other that’s what matters We have haters but all we want are supporters Forever we will last - don’t like it we don’t care Can’t deal with seeing us together get lost

written by maggot4

I called it No-Grave Love cause our love will never die,it’s indestructible to even try and kill,not worth trying,it’s longer on paper. (edited a little bit)

Answer #1

It reads more like a rant than a poem. No structure or flow, simplistic language and sentiments, and the title is not inviting. You should revise it dramatically.

Answer #2

I actually like it.

Answer #3

Ill be laughing when you break up with her :) TRUE love doesnt die But FAKE one does :D

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