NJ Indie Scene

There is nothing I enjoy more than conversations regarding music… Unfortunately where I live no-one seems to appreciate the kind of music I enjoy, which is mostly comprised of indie / alternative bands such as modest mouse and radiohead. I don’t have anyone with whom I can share music with and I want to know where all the hipsters are in jersey!

Answer #1

no, mississippi. but I love that music. I’m glad you think it’s “interesting.” hope that’s in a good way. I know some that people will probably find a lot better but of that sort. I just really like the guitarist. A WHOLE LOT!!! and just to let you know, they’re all STRAIGHT Men!!! if that’s surprising enough.

Answer #2

I definitely think the music is interesting, and I know a ton of people who listen to music of that sort!

Do you live in Jersey also?

Answer #3

no one enjoys my music too much either. you’re not alone. if ya want to hear some it’s the first URL on my page. I wish you’d like, but no one actually gives it a chance.

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