Nipples getting dark

How dark do your nipples get?
with one week or two weeks of pregnancy? and if they get dark is that an accurate way of knowing for sure your pregnant with out a test?

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mine got slightly darker when I was pregnant and at the VERY end of my pregnancy got a little darker. Everyone is different . Just go take a test. Have you misseda period?

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No..I havent took a test or anything because I am trying to make sure my head is not playing tricks on me.Me and my boyfriend nver uses a condoms and my period is never right I'm just trying to see wahts going to happen. My nipples have never peeled or cracked, and for the last few days they have been! I don't know whats going on!

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Mine never got any darker when I was pregnant.

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Hi my nipples are darker than normal, and my period is late. I've had some brown spotting and a few symptoms but now I've done a few tests and they're all neg, I have an appt for next Friday to see my doc about it

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