How do you give a girl a nipple stand?

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I need it for a game

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whats a nipple stand lmfao

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is it not where you try and make a woman horny an make her nipples stand thts what I thought lol happens to me neway lol xxxhunixxx

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what game ,can I play?lol

How do you know if a girl is horny?
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lmaooo, never heard of that. =P
its funny though. =]

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hahah im 19 and don't even know what that means ;S

how long does a girl finger herself???
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omg lol and your 13?

How to make a girl wet?
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pleez answer!!!

When a guy eats you out, what does the girl do?
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well my friend was flirting wth me a day and my nipples stood so yeah its when you make a girl horny or even when she's thinking of sex lol

do girls like being fingered up the butt ?
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y dont you just get a girl and find out duuuh lol

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