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I have had my nipples pierced for like 7 years but I've also noticed that this white crap comes out of them and it stinks. I've tried washing them everday and them finally I took one of them out to see well, I guess I dont no why I took one out but anyways that was months ago and the white crap is still coming out of that one too. What is it and how can I get rid of it?

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go see a doctor

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Maybe it's the milk in your breasts leaking and maybe it gets rotten like dairy milk when it goes bad and starts to stink?just taking a wild guess here.

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I just had mine done 1 week ago I was put on a medication that can produce breast milk my left nipple is leaking around the piercing I think its just breast milk but call your dr or piercer just in case

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go to your doctor straight away or you could die (the infection may travel to your brain or heart) this is really serious go to your doctor now

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In respinse to the last answer that was given... Don't use peroxide, it's bad for this area & it will close the peircing as well. Don't use neosporin or anything that is used to treat wounds as these will also cause your pericings to close or more than normal scar tissue to build on the inside which will eventually push the peircing out or grow around it, then you reall have a problem! Just wash them regulary when you take a shower, you should be fine. There is also a foam that you can buy at any peircing shop that is probably the best stuff to use, call the peircing shop & find out.

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That white crap is that something popped inside like the bubble you get when something is infected. Kind of like a pimple. When my ear pearcing got infected the same thing happened to me put PEROXIDE on it then POLYSPORN, BUT ask a doctor first because those chemicals may be too strong for such a sensitive area!!!

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Wow! I am glad one person answered correctly... (I don't mean that in a bad way- just shocked)
It is just dead skin. And like he said the best way to avoid it building up and getting an odor is to wash- this of course is easier if you still have the ring in, when you shower you just roatate the ring with soap and water and rinse. Once you decide to take the ring out it of course is a little more challenging. Once you have had a nipple piercing for several years when you take it out the hole will get smaller, but never close, so dead skin will always be an issue, just keep it clean.

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You may have a infection, especially if you didn't take them out to clean them.
Depending on how you had them pierced, if it was sterile and in a sterile setting.
Also, you have glands that produce milk. That's why it's important to have all piercings done by qualified people.
You should see your MD. In the meantime, keep them clean, and don't use alcohol to clean them as it will burn.

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Ok, you know how the layer of skin that touches the air is dead. Also that dust is dead skin? Well the same principle applies to the area surrounding a piercing inside. The dead skin falls off, but since it's in a piercing, it can't go anywhere, thus it rots and smells really bad. There really is no way to get rid of it for good, but if you change your piercings and rotate the rings every day and wash off the white residue, it'll work out...

It's not an infection, it's just dead skin. don't worry about it, just keep it clean, wash them every day, and rotate the rings to get the residue out.

Also, you can use an anti-microbial soap like Satin or Provon to clean it if you are still worried about an infection.

This coming from a guy who's had his nipples pierce for over a year... So I know what I'm talking about. I get that stuff too.

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if its not breastmilk, then its probably just pus
pus is pretty normal but ONLY during its healing time
so after 7 years of having them, its definatly not normal
and it shouldnt be smelling horrible either
do see a doctor asap so he/she can figure out if its anything seriouse
it also wouldnt hurt to go back to the peircer, if the place is still there, and ask them if theyve ever heard of it before

Hello. I'm sitting here researching and worrying myself like crazy.. I had my nipples pierced 5 days ago.. And today I noticed that the tips

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