Nintendo DS Lite cost?

How much does a Nintendo ds lite cost and how much does the regular nintendo ds cost?

Answer #1

Nintendo DS Lite will run you $129.99 at national retailers. A regular DS should cost you less. Nintendo released the DS first and as far as I know isn’t making them anymore. So, if you find a DS, it would likely be used and therefore, should cost you less. The Lite has more features, too.

Answer #2

about 129 to 188 depens on how new it is its best to find one at a gamestop thats used so its less expensive

Answer #3

If you are in Britain, a Nintendo DS Lite costs as little as £120, although you may find lower prices, depending on where you shop. But that would roughly be tha average price.

Answer #4

my nintendo DS lite cost $150 canadain dollars

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